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Do you know, there are lakhs of Jansie today

Education system didn't made her to explore skills, so had to go with the flow - engineering.

Failed to complete those online courses because the interest goes away

Lack of employability skills after graduation to get jobs

No practical Hands-on learning experience

No Cool AF mentors and a peer group to learn with

A Live Cohort-based
skill-learning experience

But more fun and Practical 

Live bi-directional learning experience with a practical hands-on focused curriculum

Experience the fun of learning and networking with a peer group

Participate in a mini hackathon to implement your skills on a real-life project

Go from Beginner > Intermediate > Advanced bootcamps with a guided curriculum

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Opportunities served right to you

Internships, Scholarships, Competitions, hackathons happening in the world, we have brought everything to a single place for you

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